Pricing for artworks photography

All assignments are of course unique, but I approach them with a consistent pricing policy. My quotes are based on the time envisaged to photograph items (with multiple views if required) and the necessary time to process, output and despatch image files for your specific needs, plus a supplement for hard copy prints if required. A charge for travel is also included and quoted for in advance.
The simplest thing is to get in touch with your photography requirements and I will be delighted to quote for an inclusive package. 
Meanwhile I hope that the information and pricing models below are helpful.
Why commission professional photography of your artwork? 
Professionally shot and processed images can help to:
- faithfully and accurately portray your work to prospective collectors or gallery owners.

- provide top quality images for press and PR : magazines will be far more inclined to work with images which are of sufficient quality to look good in print.

- ensure the integrity of your retrospective archive : eventually, you may want to create a book or catalogue raisonne of your work. Knowing that, when that time comes, you will have top quality images to hand ensures that your final publication will have a consistency and quality which presents your work in the best possible light.

- provide an essential hard copy sample print to interested collectors. With more sales being conducted online nowadays, there is a risk that people interested in your work have viewed it on an incorrectly coloured monitor or, worse still, mobile device. To avoid any doubt, and to ensure that items are not returned, sending out a colour-accurate proof print to interested customers can make the difference between achieving a sale or not. In addition, you can send out a selective enlargement of the main subject area in a two dimensional work so that collectors might get an idea of what the work will look like as a larger print close up. I can help with cost effective solutions to enable you to respond to collector enquiries as professionally and as effectively as possible. 
Rates for artworks photography

Per item rate with single image supplied 
In general, I like to quote in advance of all work: provided I have a clear-cut brief, I can provide a per item rate for certain types of photography, for example paintings up to a certain size. This fixed rate includes my estimate of the time spent photographing - and also processing - each image. It is reassuring for the client, who knows exactly what a shoot will cost, and what will be delivered, in advance.
Per item photographed rate with multiple images supplied
As a variation on the above: you might choose to commission several views of the same 3D item (a very good idea if you wish to give online buyers a thorough overview of the item). Obviously such images can be produced more efficiently than creating single images of several different items: in this case, a saving can be made on the time spent setting up lighting and shooting, while the image processing time would normally be the same as for a series of different items. This time-saving will be reflected in the rate quoted, which will work out effectively cheaper per image than the single image basis above.
Per hour of shoot rate plus per image supplied processing fee*
Some assignments entail variables which make them more difficult to quote for in advance : for example, a very large oil painting to be copied in situ may require careful set up of ladders/ lights and possibly multiple exposures. Such a procedure is of course going to take longer than photographing a series of smaller paintings, which can be lit and shot in one location. Alternatively, if you needed a book’s pages copied, then the photography itself would take much less time than a similar number of framed illustrations, for example, and the image processing would also be marginally more straightforward. In such cases I can certainly provide the client with a careful breakdown of likely image processing costs. But the time spent on location will be more difficult to predict. While a ball park figure can be provided to assist with budgeting, such assignments do need to be approached with a certain flexibility… on both sides.  
*Image processing fee: this covers the optimisation, cropping and upload of each image and varies according to the complexity of the process (some images might be the result of a composite of multiple images, for example). I have a band of charges for image processing to cover usual processes. 
Generally with fine art and antiques photography, especially if an item is to be listed for sale, for example, then digital retouching of the item would not be envisaged, as any illustration must portray the item faithfully. However, in the case of photographing artworks in situ, say as part of a public installation, such images may contain items beyond our control (eg litter/ unfinished building works etc). And from my experience as an architectural photographer, I can certainly provide in-house solutions for such eyesores to give your subject maximum impact. However, such work takes up studio time and a I do bill at a modest rate for all such work: I will always consult with clients and provide an estimate of cost before undertaking any retouching work.
For all assignments, I charge for car travel, based on a mileage rate. All necessary parking / city congestion fees are also billable at cost. For large assignments more than two hours away from my location (Stroud, Gloucestershire), an overnight accommodation and subsistence fee will be requested. 
Additional Services

Proof prints : 
Up to A4 (210x297mm) colour-accurate Giclee prints on CANSON® INFINITY PHOTO LUSTRE PREMIUM RC 310 GSM paper :
Price (each) at time of order :     £6.00
Price (each) to supply in future : £8.00
Up to A3+ (329x483mm) colour-accurate Giclee prints on CANSON® INFINITY PHOTO LUSTRE PREMIUM RC 310 GSM  paper :
Perfect for portfolios, to show images at a decent size for full impact. 
Price (each) at time of photoshoot commission:      £15.00 
Price (each) to supply in future:                                £20.00
Double proof montage :
Two images on an A4 sheet, showing the work at full size and with a selective detail of the main subject (the selected area can be decided at the time of shooting): very useful for sending out to interested collectors.
Price at time of order :           £8.00
Price to supply in future :      £10.00

Example of an A4 size double montage print, showing the complete image and a select area. Such prints can be supplied to potential customers to give a better, more in-depth version of the image. Original print by Piers Bourke Art.

All A4 prints are strongly packaged in a rigid cardboard box (to fit most letterboxes) and despatched via first class mail, charged at cost. Despatch by courier can be arranged if preferred.
All A3+ prints are strongly packaged in poster tubes and despatched via courier, charged at cost. 

VAT is not applicable to the above prices.

Large format printing/ limited edition print runs 
I can advise on choosing a production house who can produce images on various art papers and media, including limited edition prints . The simplest thing is to contact me: discussing your production requirements before the shoot will enable the best reproduction of your artwork to be generated. 
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