Calling lighting designers! Nothing looks more impressive than a set of images of your creations in the context they were actually designed for! But a lot of residential interiors photography is actually carried out with all artificial lights off! This is often stipulated by magazine editors as they prefer a more day-lit feel to images. This makes it difficult to secure useful images of your products from interiors photographers' stock libraries, which may, in turn, be supplied with licences for specific areas only, like your company website but not consumer magazine editorial features for example. Coupled with the fact that many interiors images don't actually focus in detail on light fixtures, the argument for a commissioned shoot gets stronger all the time. But a whole day shoot can be financially prohibitive.... I offer a part-day shoot and images package which is intended to help suppliers of more specific elements like lighting acquire professional photography at a realistic rate, and which answers your very specific brief. Artificial lighting has to be treated very carefully at both the shoot and processing stage if it is to appear colour accurate and without undue halation (which is why it is often left off in interiors shoots!) Get in touch, please, to find out how I can represent your creations faithfully and stylishly.
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