Calling Lighting designers! I don't need to tell you what an essential part lighting plays in the design of commercial premises of all sorts, from offices, to shops, to restaurants, galleries and public spaces. Photographically, artificial lighting has to be treated very carefully if it is to appear colour-accurate with regard to its intended Kelvin value (especially when shot in conjunction with daylight) and without burn out (often the case with up-lighters). I use a method which involves multiple exposures and sometimes supplementary artificial light, to enable faithful renditions of your products. Unfortunately, it is easy for the lighting element of a commercial project to be rather overlooked when a shoot is commissioned by other parties, for example architectural practices or building owners. While there is often an option to split the costs of a shoot with several parties or suppliers, a shared brief doesn't always work given the very specific and focussed requirements for photography of the lighting; close ups of lighting design elements are not necessarily going to be on the shooting list for parties like the main contractor and structural engineer. I offer a very economic part-day photoshoot option with full image processing to enable you to commission impressive case studies of lighting installations, with full licence to use images in all usual marketing contexts included as standard. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more.
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