Pricing for location photography for SMEs: architecture, interiors, art in situ and suppliers

I’m not afraid to publish my rates online. I am definitely not the cheapest commercial photographer out there, but I urge you to bear in mind that the following image packages include full image processing for an agreed minimum of images and a very wide ranging licence to use images in most commercial contexts.

Most shoots require at least an equal amount of time apportioned to image processing as they do actual shoot time. I bill for this time up front, rather than quoting a low rate based on shoot time alone, followed up by a large image processing fee. Please consider this when comparing quotes from other photographers.

I hope the following will be helpful to give you an idea of the cost to get your project photographed, but of course the best thing is to get in touch >>> to discuss your requirements, so that I can provide you with a more precise, no obligation quote.
Pricing packages

My pricing is based on the extent of each assignment/ coverage required and includes an agreed minimum of images supplied, with all standard digital processing and delivery, plus a wide ranging general licence to use images for the lifetime of the commissioning company. Packages generally fall into the following bands:

"Half Day" shoot : c. four hours on site with approx. 24 images supplied:                          £390.00
(Suited to:  residential extensions, offices, shops, suppliers’ shoot, e.g. joinery)
“Interim" Shoot: c. five hours on site with approx.  32 images supplied:                             £520.00
(Suited to : smaller houses, select zones in large projects, kitchens in detail)
“Day” shoot:  c. six hours on site with approx 40 images supplied:                                    £650.00
(Suited to: full house shoots: large commercial projects)
Some shoots may come in either side of these bands, depending on their complexity.
Please note that while part day shoots are possible, only whole day shoots can cover exteriors in all lights.
Travel fees and other expenses
A car mileage fee of 60p/ per mile is calculated from my base in Stroud plus return.
All parking fees, tolls, and ULEZ zone fees are charged at cost, plus cab fees plus gratuities if applicable: receipt evidence can be provided.
Any props or hired-in items for shoots will be chargeable in addition. 
VAT is not applicable to the above rates. 
Corporate commissions and assignments with extended advertising usage planned will entail supplementary licensing rates.
Other Information 

Licence to use images 
Images are made available to the commissioning company for their usual marketing requirements in print or online, including social media and editorial coverage in trade press/advertising etc. A sample licence can be supplied on request.
Loan or resale of images to ANY third party is not allowed: this includes reposting on Instagram. Any proposed usage of images by other companies must be discussed prior to the shoot going ahead.
Sharing of fees
Please visit this page >>>  to see how your budget can stretch much further if you are able to get other suppliers associated with a project, e.g. main contractor, to share the costs of a shoot. 
Complex retouching
The above packages allow for standard image processing with common sense digital clean up included, e.g. removal of marks on walls/ street litter etc. But they do not extend to in-depth retouching of unfinished building works/ digital removal of parked vehicles etc. Complex post-production work can be quoted for in advance.
T and C
Please view my full terms and conditions  and satisfy yourself that these are acceptable to all parties, before commissioning a shoot. Please note some key items covered: images may not be lent or sold to other businesses/ suppliers and shoot cancellation and postponement charges apply. 
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